Classic ActiveX™ Pillow

Traditional shape memory foam

Classic ActiveX™ Pillow

The Icare Visco Classic pillow is made up of a high-density ActiveX™ core in a traditional pillow shape, a cooling gel insert, and a soft puff quilt style cotton cover.

Suitable for all sleepers


Why are Icare Pillows Different?

Classic ActiveX™ Pillow

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Cooling Gel Insert

Zip off washable cover

» Traditional shape is ideal for back sleepers
» Breathable under fabric to increase airflow
» Pressure and heat sensitive core

Is the pillow creating a problem?

It is an important consideration to make sure an old or unsuitable pillow is not overlooked. The pillow plays a large part pain management, positioning and sleep quality.

Vant Base Panel

Using Vant fabric for the base

of the Icare Classic

pillow, greatly increases airflow.

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